Chagrin Valley Engineering Ltd.'s (CVE) core business is Municipal Engineering. CVE serves as the municipal engineer for 16 municipalities and two water districts. Our partners value the personal relationships we establish with consulting directly with each municipality. In each community CVE represents, a partner serves as the team leader and principle point of contact.

 Our Municipal Engineering services include:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Road Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Programs
  • Stormwater Modeling, Flood Studies, Collection and Management
  • Sanitary Sewer Studies – Capacity, Maintenance, Operations & Management (CMOM)
  • Sewer Studies, Rehabilitation & Replacement Projects
  • Water System Analysis & Water Main Improvements
  • Wastewater Treatment and Pumping System Designs
  • Development Plan Reviews
  • Supplemental Funding Grant Acquisition
  • Regulatory Compliance

CVE's services also include the review and preparation of all correspondence and reports required by the Municipal Engineer for other governmental and regulatory agencies. We represent our clients at all meetings, site investigations, correspondence with both residents and businesses. CVE prepares all necessary cost estimates, plans, specifications and bidding documents in a professional and timely manner.

CVE serves as the construction manager on all municipal projects that we design. CVE acts as a vital link between contractors, residents and municipal representatives. This linkage accounts for items that are important to residents and municipal representatives, including construction disturbance, access to homes and businesses during construction, minimizing loss of trees and landscaping, and of course timely communication of construction progress.

CVE also provides plan review services. We ensure all proposed work, new development and reconstruction projects, comply with all aspects of the municipal code. Our plan review process protects the adjacent property owners and all municipal infrastructure.